Understanding God’s Ways

Understanding– that’s a phrase we seem to have trouble with more often than not. I know that I struggle to understand many things. Life is not clear cut; if you use the Bible as your instruction manual, it can be way easier. Yet, we seem to get caught up in our human lives and stuck inside our human minds, unable to step away and take a different look at the situation. We have to do that, otherwise we won’t overcome our trials. If you’re trying to make it through a difficult time or experience without God– you’re going to fail.

Simon Peter knew this. When Jesus told him to put the net into the water, after they had repeatedly done so, Simon did just that. “Because you say so, I will.” (Luke 5:5 NIV)
God tests your faith. When nothing you’ve tried has worked, when you’ve exhausted all your options, maybe it’s time to stop and ask God what He would do. You have to be willing to listen– it is your choice to listen to the right voice. You will know which one is right based on what you’re told. God would only ask you to do something good– never anything bad.

If you use the story (Luke 5:1 – 11), you can see that God works in three main ways.

  1. He uses the common for the uncommon. (Look for Him in your day-to-day lives and you will notice His works.)
  2. He will move you out of the security (shallows) to the risks (deep). The blessings and the trials are both part of the same “sea” of life. You can’t have one without the other.
  3. He allows¬†you to go through one experience to teach you another. Those men became “fishers” of men.

Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” We have to put God first in all aspects of life. We have to seek Him; read and study the Word. God loves us; He has promised to supply all our needs, He cares about every individual concern of ours.

I know it can be hard to understand what is happening or why it is happening, but I have been leaning on the belief and knowledge that God has everything planned out for me. As confusing and painful as my experience may be, I know inside that God is doing what is best for me. (Romans 8:28 NIV)

With love and grace, have a good day lovelies.